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Via P. e M. Curie, 1/A | 42122 | Reggio Emilia (RE), Italy | 0522.440121

Hairdressers Reggio Emilia



Partnership , Making Group , a winning strategy.

James Hair Fashion Club was founded in 1995 by a team of professional hair stylist who met under the guidance of a historic brand , their own professional experiences , sharing creativity , technology , innovation and design research . Who is associated with James Hair Fashion Club has the opportunity to work in a team qualified and internationally recognized and to be constantly updated on the latest fashion trends and innovations in the industry.

The philosophy: a working method that combines unique and exclusive knowledge and technical skills, design research and creativity , intuition and sensitivity. The strength of James Hair Fashion Club, this well-established method is made available by members, through a wide range of multi-disciplinary training proposals that make use of teaching aids and tools of marketing and communication technology.

The winning strategy . Being a group , work in teams and , at the same time , customize their own learning through seminars and workshops designed to meet specific needs.

The objectives : James Hair Fashion Club TRAINING : adopt a method of working . INNOVATION: offer innovative and highly professional . DO GROUP : generate team spirit and participation. PICTURE : to promote and enhance the image of the salon on the territory of the affiliate and James brand through a project of effective communication. GROWING TOGETHER : encouraging , with adequate training , professional growth and management of partner James Hair Fashion Club and his team . Benefits for affiliates

RECOGNITION : being part of a group recognized internationally . METHOD : acquire knowledge and skills technical and stylistic aspects of a unique method . UPDATE: be constantly updated on the latest fashion trends and the most advanced techniques . PROFESSIONALISM : to have the opportunity to work in a highly skilled team . The opportunities for affiliates

Enter the James Hair Fashion Club is you get: 9 to 11 days of training , instructional dvd , materials and tools of communication / marketing useful for your living room, exclusive discounts for extra courses at the Academy ... and more


Hairdressers Reggio Emilia

Via P. e M. Curie, 1/a

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